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About make travel matter

It all started back in 2000 when lDEXhelped to volunteer to make the world a better place to live in. Since then, we’ve become one of the world’s leading and largest work & volunteer travel company and have assisted over 1000’s of travellers in turning their travel dreams into reality. With our headquartersin London and central marketing and operations office based inJaipur, we’ve grown to offer travel experiences in in India, Australia, Philippine, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Nepal, South Africa, Serbia, UK, USA, Colombia and Spain and counting. There’s now literally an experience for everyone, so let’s find yours.

While many other businesses have followed us, in global volunteer projects we still have the gold standard in our commitment to Safety, Hassle Free Travel and Making a Real Impact.

We focus on providing cost-effective, responsible, healthy and high-quality opportunities for volunteers. The projects, through the expertise and the knowledge of the volunteer to their host communities and the insights and lessons that volunteers carry back to their own countries and societies, increase global awareness and cultural understanding.

“Our future plans are strong. We are persuaded by the thought that our global volunteer programs will help transform the experience for young people as they transit from adolescence to adulthood.”

Our Forte

Being Responsible

A fundamental value at the IDEX is to be responsible for all we do. This is not just about running safe voluntary programs but to create and run ethical programs that prioritize community needs and child protection. Our programs are designed to achieve sustainable value for communities and the environment. We still believe we do the right thing and have a prolonged attitude, and we work hard to ensure that volunteers build reasonable anticipations of their effect.

Being Transparent & Trustworthy

We think globally and show respect for all volunteers, groups and people with whom we communicate. We are honest, open and transparent as regards our way in which we operate, and volunteers can rely on us to keep them informed and safe.

Our volunteers are not afraid to work hard and we are ferociously loyal to them and to every community in which we work.


Being Innovative

As a travel volunteer enterprise, creativity has always been key to our success. The status quo is called into question and volunteer travel has changed by making it affordable and open to all. We know we need to continually evolve, be informed about the ways we support people and volunteers and take a fresh approach to address issues that are important to the sector to keep our costs down and contribute positively to communities around the world.

“From the outset, as an entrepreneur, we know that every volunteer dollar is hard earned and we work hard to provide value.”

Being Awesome

Striving to be perfect is something that really differentiates the IDEX. We feel great about volunteers, the communities with which we work, and the individual volunteers with whom we interact every day. We are a real people with different insights and personalities and we never forget the unique nature of our volunteers.

Being great for us also means that we are young, energetic and tenacious and make sure we use our scale and popularity to have an important global impact. We trust that remaining smooth helps us adapt to better meet the needs of volunteers and the public.

Why choose IDEX?

Ø  No Extra Fees

 Unlike other volunteer organizations we don’t add on hidden fees. With IDEX what you see is what you get!

 Ø  Trusted & Highly Rated

 In independent reviews, past volunteers gave us an average rating of 94%. And we’re working hard on that last 6% 🙂

 Ø  Safety & Security

 All the programs listed on Love Volunteers have been fully audited for safety, social responsibility and impact.

How we work?

 1.  Our volunteers help to achieve our long-term development goals in countries around the world.

 2. Our projects increase cross-cultural awareness, understanding and promote international citizenship.

 3. Our volunteers offer culturally immersive experiences that are done by living and working with local people, families and societies.

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