Make Travel Matter (The Movement)

About make travel matter

With many points of view in the world as there are people, we have learnt through the years that all points of view are valid as points of view (whether we agree with them or not).

And a point of view that we have chosen to believe is that all human beings want to make a difference in our lives. Similarly, we, as travel professionals, all want our work and lives to mean something –something that goes beyond our own immediate needs and wants. Said in another manner, being one out of the 7 Billion or so people in the world, we all want our lives to matter.

And so, like you, driven by the (common but often unexplored) deep desire to make our lives, our work, and our efforts matter, have chosen to create the kind of travel in the world that is high value for money for the traveller, leaves the world a better place and gives you ( and us) a satisfaction of having contributed to making the world a slightly better place.

We are interested in that. We are interested in building partnerships with people that are interested in making their work matter – to create travel products that are commercially successful, high value to the traveller and effective in making a difference to the world.

And in partnership with you, we intend to do that by following our core values:

We invite you to be part of this movement to make our lives matter, our work matter and to make travel matter.