If you read our story, you will notice that we accidentally invented volunteer travel and then put our tourism industry skills to take it to a global level. 

As one would expect with any uncharted path, our journey was fraught with mistakes and a lot of trial and error. 

Now, however, after contributing over 2.2 million hours of volunteering with our travellers, the purpose of the International Volunteer Travel Association (IVTA) is to help grassroots organizations, travel companies and travellers on getting the most out of volunteer travel. 

Grassroots projects and charities can bring funds and visibility to their selfless work through Volunteer Travel. IVTA Helps them get set up for volunteer travel and also channels potential travelers to them. 

Travel Companies can gain a competitive advantage by offering much higher value ( and lower cost) experiences to their clients. IVTA helps them with the marketing of volunteer travel as well as a global network of projects to work with, in any destination. 

And Travellers can get truly worthwhile experiences of another country with lesser rushing, more enjoying and far more contributing than the ordinary travelers. IVTA is a source of reliable and unbiased information on how to select the best possible volunteer travel for their budget, time availability, taste, skills, and chosen destination. 

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