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Volunteering and Travel in India – If you are looking to instill your travels with culture, exciting people, great food & discovery…then India is the destination you are looking for.

One of the reasons young people plan volunteering in India is the rare privilege of acquiring a lot of opportunities at a go because this destination is well loaded. It houses the oldest existing religion, offers diversity in language, people, climate and geography. Another aspect of the diversity comes in terms of festivals, attire, general etiquettes, religious practices, architecture and socio-economic status. By land area, India is the 7th largest. By human population, it is the 2nd largest. It has the oldest or most ancient civilization and ancient spoken language. It is notable for being the pioneer of several scientific and philosophical findings. It has gradually become the promise land of the East due to its growth in the recent past. If you volunteer in India with Idex, you can feel and experience it more than just touring adventure.

There are lots of volunteering opportunities in India that you can conveniently explore and add to your knowledge apart from the sense of fulfillment you get. As a developing country, India is faced with lots of social issues affecting the basic living resources of the people. Some of these are: illiteracy, prevalent among women and children, poverty, child labor and malnutrition. As critical as this situation is, statistics show that about 160 million children less than 6 years are exposed to this unpleasant circumstance. A considerable number of them work as domestic helpers because of unequal access and right to education and basic resources respectively. Only 75% of the female children have the right to education.

Similarly, there is the chance of volunteering in India among women who are mostly victims of trafficking, forced commercial sex and prostitution, gender discrimination and unequal education. Women are second fiddle in India, are also married at tender age with no future prospect. Only about 54% of these women are literate compared to 76% of their male counterparts. You can make impact in the lives of these people with idex.

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