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Why an Internship abroad?

The World is going through a phase of development and connection that has not been witnessed ever in the human history. Trade is becoming international, connecting across the world costs almost nothing and decisions and actions of people in a far-away corner of the planet are affecting our daily lives in a real and irreversible way. And while our chosen governments are (hopefully) trying their best to keep things as favourable for us as possible, there are limits to what any country’s government can do to improve our standards of living and maintain socio-economic stability.

In this whole mush of seemingly random events across the world, what should individuals do to make sure that they remain relevant in the world, that they are empowered and enabled to thrive (and not just survive) in the world. A generalized ( and somewhat simplified) answer is : Become Resilient. In most countries, resilience is seen as a somewhat negative word. People often ask, why make individuals resilient and the goal should be to somehow make the society resilient. But as common sense would dictate, resilient individuals help build a more resilient society. Individual resilience can have many facets. Such as financial resilience, emotional resilience etc, in this document we are concerned with resilience that comes through varied (and mildly uncomfortable) new experiences.

Doing an Internships abroad is going to give a power-packed-punch of new experiences that will offer a lot of benefits :

With this intention to offer an opportunity to develop resilience, we offer the Internship Program to young people.

The fact is that even the most developed educational systems around the world are unable to catch up with the pace at which realities of the world change. And very often, what a young person is left with after a college education is a piece of paper called a degree ( and possibly a large amount of debt). Very often, young people step out in the real world and find that their education suddenly becomes a distant memory and most of which is inapplicable to real world problems. There are many ways to build resilience through new experiences. One can travel the world, meet new people, try different professions in a life time. And doing a professional internship in a foreign country is one of those ways.

Our Approach

Our approach to Internships is very simple because our intention with Internships is to help build life skills and therefore resilience in our Internship customers.

Internship Work Placements :

There are as many types of internships placements as there are industries, businesses, organizational or special interests that can exist. We however, have found the following to be amongst the most popular and/or successful :

Idex Process for Internship Placements:

A successful Internship placement requires a number of things to be done before and during the actual internship time. Following is a broad summary of the process we have been refining since 2009.

Pre-Placement Phase:

1. A potential intern makes a request for placement specifying a. Country of interest b. Starting date c. Duration d. Industry e. Department/specialization that the intern is looking for.

Post-Placement , Pre-departure

Post -Departure

Post -Departure

Packages and Prices :

During the experience of nearly 2 decades, we have found that people have different needs when it comes to the level of support they want or need. Because of this, we offer some options of how much support they can get during their internships.
* All Price are retail prices and commissionable.

Total Values

Make the most of learning opportunities during your internship and get all the essentials organised for yourself.

This option includes :

Good Balance

This option is great for those who like to have a balance between get their essential needs organised and saving money.

This option includes :

Do It Yourself

This basic package is for those who wish to organize everything in the country on their own and are only looking for support in finding a good internship and some initial support.

This option includes :

Services Offered/ Comparison Between Various Packages

Academic Paperwork support (if opted and available) – given by local professors or experts and professionals related to the field of study for signing off assignments and worksheets for University formalities back home).

Starting Dates

Internships program have starting dates on All Sundays where the arrival window being available from 10 AM on Sunday until 6 AM on Monday. On Monday, the intern will have an orientation and visit to the host organisation, followed by actual internship starting from Tuesday of the week. Due to the program starting on Monday, we recommend that interns use flights that arrive on Sunday.

Arrival and Departure policy ( for applicable packages)

Arrival Procedure

Departure transfer procedure

Note: All the program and services are available as per schedule only. If any deviation or reschedule occurs and such would cost extra to organize, then it will be charged extra to the customers. We are not able to do any settlement or reimbursement against any unused services.
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