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About Thailand Program

Volunteering in Thailand – Millions of tourists visit Thailand every year for leisure, cultural experiences
and for enjoying its nature.

Our volunteer programs offer interested people the chance of volunteering in Thailand where their impact and contribution can be felt by the people. The Thai community dwellers are always looking forward to volunteers as they open their institutions, hearts and lives for acceptance that eventually lead to their development, maturity and growth. The Idex programs in Thailand continue to follow our ethos of “Travel that Matters” as it provides opportunity to travelers to have a safe and enjoyable experience that leaves them more developed than they were before the start of the trip thus, fulfilling the goal of mutual benefits of this program.

Participants in our programs can explore various volunteer opportunities in Thailand that cover women, children and the different aspect of the community life. Domestic violence is one of the major challenges facing women in Thailand despite various government interventions. This problem is further encouraged by the social belief of male dominance and chauvinistic tendency. This has attracted the attention of Thailand’s Mahidol University, which birth National Institute for Child and Family Development, a means to solve this problem. Thus far, about 8000 women, facing this challenge and other related ones, have been rescued and housed to live a happier life.

Another area that you can volunteer in Thailand is among the children. The lack of equal right to education has left a gap among the children especially the female ones resulting into adolescent pregnancy thus increasing the number of street children. They are faced with violence, and are the most vulnerable set of people in the community.

In Thai, some children are sold into slavery while others are abused physically, emotionally and sexually, affecting the growth and development of the entire community. In spite of the anti-trafficking and child protection acts, children face these problems leaving them with lifetime scars and forcing them to struggle for meaningful future as well as seeking for means of livelihood.

Another social menace in Thailand is the problem faced by the ageing population. They are not able to care and support themselves both financially and physically hence, the need for assistance in basic duties. You can render assistance to all these categories of people by volunteering in Thailand through our Idex programs.

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