Why Virtual Volunteering ?

Even though the Coronavirus pandemic forced its development, there are many reasons to volunteer virtually:

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How does virtual volunteering work?

Virtual volunteering can happen as you go along your day to day life.

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Frequently asked questions

What Help Can I Provide?

You can engage in teaching or empowerment education because these two activities are where you can be effective if you feel committed.

In teaching activities, volunteers will

In empowerment education, volunteers provide:

Where can I volunteer?

Your choice of project will depend on your chosen time of day and based on that we will match you to a country and project by matching time zones. For instance, if you choose afternoon time to do virtual volunteering then you will be allocated a project whose availability matches your convenient time.

What is the minimum duration and time commitment?

The minimum time commitment is 30 minutes per weekday for 2 weeks. If you require a certain number of hours for an academic or professional requirement then choose more hours per day or a program for a longer duration.

What is the program schedule like?

Before the program starts, you go through training about how to volunteer virtually, information about the country of your project, and learning the basics of its local language.

During the program, you are helped with your day to day activities along with a daily activity plan, on-site assistance by a local teacher.

Plus, if you choose, to add cultural activities then these happen during the weekends.

To get complete details about the program schedule on a daily basis, explore different programs.

Are there cultural options available ?

Virtual volunteer can feel very exciting because it is like getting to know another country without all the hassle and costs of travel. During virtual volunteering, you can imagine thrilling cultural experiences such as :

For a detailed schedule of cultural activities, explore different programs.

Do I get a certificate of volunteering?

Yes. You get a professional certificate of volunteering stating your project name, duration of program, and activities conducted.

How do I choose what project to participate in?

You choose time of day that you can commit to the minimum duration and select the available project based on that choice. If you need more hours for professional and educational needs then we match you accordingly. 

Can I volunteer with other people from around the world?

Yes. You can make new friends from around the world by volunteering jointly with them. Just mention your wish to do so, when you apply and we will match you with people from different countries.

Can I volunteer if English is not my native language?

Yes. You can. We train you on how to be a teaching volunteer and if your English level is basic, we let you help very young kids with their education.

Is there a fee for participating?

Yes. The program comes in two variants called Volunteering Only and Volunteer plus Culture. The program requires a minimum of 2-week commitment. There is an extra cost for additional weeks of volunteering and related support.

Have another question on your mind?

Contact us or explore different programs for detailed information.


Currently, you can participate in projects located in countries as per the below map.

Volunteer stories.

Hear what our previous volunteers have to say

Apply or Contact us

Apply for the program if you feel sure by clicking on this link.

Certain programs are in greater demand than others and so please be patient if it takes some time to get you on your desired project.

Story of How Virtual Volunteering Was Born.

Here is an account of how virtual volunteering was born by our co-founder Ninad Sharma

My mother (Kusum) and I started a travel company in 2000. It was doing well but we were not too happy with the kind of trips that I was doing for tourists. In 2003, I came up with the unique idea of combining their experiences in tourism and social development. This gave an affordable and meaningful experience for travelers and communities.

From 2003 to 2008, our work grew and grew. From just 8 people in 2003 to about 1000 in 2008, we saw the rapid growth of our community projects. We were receiving volunteers from 20 countries around the world for our projects in India.  

After the dust of 2008 financial crash settled, we were itching to expand and grew our network to 43 countries between 2014 and 2019. By now, we had achieved accepting about 22000 volunteers and were contributing nearly 2 million service hours.

I was active on many international forums to educate people on volunteer travel. I went on to write a best-selling book

I also established the International Volunteer Travel Association to grow this beautiful form of travel. Each week, hundreds of people from all over the world contacted us to volunteer at our projects. 

Things were looking perfect. We expected exponential rise in the number of people volunteering with us. But then…

COVID-19 happened.

It shook the world to its roots, and travel was hit particularly hard.

Best selling book
( Best selling book )
( International Volunteer Travel Association )

The help given by our volunteers to communities was going to stop. Despite the hardships, many people showed interest in volunteering at our projects but were unable to do so because of concerns of catching the virus or lack of money to travel. 

Something had to be done. 

We, therefore, started to look beyond the constraints and put our resources to best possible use. We started to put our String of Diamonds™ method to create a virtual program. The same method had helped us scale our programs from one to 42 countries in a short time. 

What came out after our deliberations are the Virtual volunteering program that you are looking at. It is simple. It is useful. And it makes a difference.  

I hope you feel keen to give virtual volunteering a try; explore different programs to get details.

Ninad Sharma

Co-Founder and CEO

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