Volunteering Programs with Idex– Get Immersed in Diversified Cultures

Why volunteer?

Volunteering is the best way to find self-fulfillment and purpose and to make a positive impactin the society and volunteer travel is an even greater experience than merely travelling to another place. When you volunteer, you get direct exposure in meeting local people and sharing your experience and knowledge, which creates a lasting impact in you as well as the community. Volunteering is a meaningful and responsible way of travel which helps you become a global citizen and give back to the society. You can experience authentic culture through our volunteer abroad programs across Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India and Nepal and make new friends.

Volunteering helps you in various way, to boost your CV, to fill gaps in your work tenure, to promote self growth and to meet people from different backgrounds and to work with them towards a common objective. It also helps you discover your hidden talents that will help you in the future.

About Vounteer Travel with Idex

You get to travel on safe, packaged, affordable and easy to organize trips with plenty of adventures and activities with young people from all over the globe. We are a dynamic and an emerging travel organization focused on volunteer abroad programs as well as giving an exciting experience for young volunteers from around the world. Having developed from being an ordinary tourist company, we now give our customers more than carriage privileges but have ventured into more rewarding programs that are tourist-centered in terms of productivity. Have you been dreaming about an opportunity to explore the world for a positive purpose? Have you been longing to gain unexplainable peace in helping other people? Have you been longing for a memorable travel experience in which you will not only create an impact but in which you will find great fulfillment? Then, come travel with IDEX!

Below is an introduction to our volunteer travel programs across five countries in Asia.


In the India experience program, interested volunteers can explore the many charms of the culturally rich India and get a chance to volunteer in various locations within a period of 2 to 4 weeks. The program offers the following experiences in India:


Nepal, popularly known as the land of Sherpas and snow peaks, mantras and monastries as well as yetis and yaks, is located between Himalayas and the tropical plains of India.

Experiences to look forward to in Nepal:

On the whole, Nepal offers you a memorable experience.


Thailand is another popular destination which travellers can tap into for volunteering opportunities in Asia. It is one of the fast-developing countries in Asia beating international standard.

Experiences you will gain in Thailand:

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a wonderful travel destination for you as it is really the ‘best island of its size in the world’ as claimed by Italian explorer, Marco Polo. Numerous visitors visit Sri Lanka every year as it has plenty of areas of natural scenic beauty including beautiful waterfalls, agricultural landscapes, mountainous terrais, rivers and reservoirs.


If you are thinking about volunteering in Vietnam, it is the right decision as this destination has plenty to offer from its emerald mountains, ravishing coastlines to bustling cities and outstanding culture.

Experiences you will encounter in Vietnam:

Does this sound like the perfect volunteer travel opportunity for you? Then, get ready, get set and go on an enriching and rewarding volunteer trip with Idex. You can be sure of returning from the trip with loads of precious memories, tons of learning and of course, a great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction at having contributed to the world in which you are a proud citizen!

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