Partnerships and memberships

Our International network

Internationally, our network ranges from large international travel companies and non-profit organizations to small, family run agencies. Our international partners have helped reach out to thousands of young people from all over the world who have wished to travel in a meaningful manner such that it makes their lives and the lives of others better. And we are ever so grateful to our partners for their contribution.

Our International partner network currently holds more than 100 organizations spanning 29 countries in all continents and continues to grow.

Our local, in-country network

We are equally proud and privileged to have our local partners in each of our destinations. Again, our partner network locally ranges from

  • Vendors who provide services to us and our customers
  • Large and small businesses that engage our interns
  • High quality local schools for our programs for teenagers
  • Local families that act as hosts for our travellers and
  • Large and small community development organisations that open their projects and their hearts for our volunteers from all over the world