Nepal Volunteering Program

Why a Volunteer Program?

Volunteering is a beautiful way to travel with numerous benefits that are being enjoyed by tens of thousands of people from all over the world each year.

f you are looking to have fun, make a difference and do it safely then you can look forward to making a volunteering trip for the following reasons:

Why Nepal?

Reasons Nepal Should Be Your Next Trip

Nepal is a country containing endless natural wonders. Mount Everest is just the beginning, there are also gorgeous lakes, rivers and caves. All of these house diverse wildlife and birds. There are many treks offered in Nepal, and you can find one that fits perfectly for you.

Mount Everest is one of the sites that appear on everyone's bucket list. The Everest Base Camp trek is just one of many options for exploring this extraordinary mountain range, unmatched by any other on our planet. The views will be unlike any you've seen before all of the peaks in Nepal rise above 20,000 feet. This country is a must-visit for the mountaineer. If you are more interested in spirituality, Kathmandu Valley is located in the foothills of the Himalayas and has seven “Monument Zones.” They include urban centres with palaces, temples, and the oldest known Buddhist monument, thought to be built in third century B.C. It is a pleasant place if you seek something tranquil.

The adventure in Nepal extends past Mount Everest to every outdoor sport you can imagine. For thrill seekers, there is bungee jumpers and paragliding. For those who desire a more low-key adventure, drift through the sky on a hot air balloon. You can also experience the wildlife of Nepal safely inside a jeep with an experienced guide on one of their safari's. And, for those who are trekking around the world, there are plenty of options that allow you to experience Nepal's beauty.

Nepal is one of the most affordable countries to visit, especially if you compare their trails to other famous ones worldwide. Cheap and delicious food allows you to be satisfied at 10$ a day. Their food is subject to influence from China and India which gives you more to sample. And, your meals are likely to be healthy as Nepalese meals often include lots of lean meats and vegetables for a well-balanced meal. Best of all, you can find a clean and comfortable bed for 18.50$ a night.

Nepal is home to 35 different ethnic groups. Each ethnic group offers its own religion, language, music, and food. If you seek to learn about many cultures while visiting one country, Nepal is an excellent place to start. One of the most fascinating aspects of their religion is the worship of Kumari, the living goddess. These are young girl's worshipped because they represent the divine nature of the female. Additionally, there are giant stupas sprinkled throughout the entire country. They serve as reminders of Buddha's path to enlightenment, and you can catch locals practising Buddhist ritual at any time of day. You will definitely learn something after spending time in Nepal.

We’ve already mentioned Kathmandu Valley and Sagarmatha National Park, which is home to Mount Everest, but there are two more world heritage sites in Nepal. Lumbini is a pilgrimage site where Siddhartha Gautama was said to be born, in 563 B.C.E. He grew up to become the Gautama Buddha and the founder of Buddhism. Chitwan National Park was established in 1973 as the first National Park in Nepal. There are more than 700 species of wildlife there, a few of which are the Bengal Tiger, leopards, and rhinoceroses. A country for the nature lovers, Nepal is sure to be an experience of serenity. Friendly locals and delicious food will create a pleasant experience that will make you want to return to Nepal time and time again.

Features of the Volunteering Trip

After knowing why you should see yourself making a volunteer trip, as compared to any other type of travel, here are some features that make it a safe, immensely enjoyable and memorable experience.

Safety features

Your safety and well-being is the top priority when you are travelling to another country. For this, we use our experience since the year 2000 to make it one of the safest forms of travel you can undertake:

Convenience features

A volunteer program needs to be well designed and organised to make sure that even if you are volunteering or visiting the country for the first time, you can focus on enjoying your time there and make the maximum positive impact possible.

Volunteering experience features

It is very possible that you are volunteering for the first time or at least volunteering in a new country on your trip. This means that you will do better if we supported you fully during your volunteering activities.

Care and support features

We will speak with you daily, assist in case you need medical care or help you change plans if something unexpected comes up.

Travel and cultural Experience features

We believe that a good volunteering program should be fun and leave you with memorable experiences. This means that your volunteer program can include trips, adventures, workshops and cultural experiences that are delightful or hard to find.

Nepal Volunteer Program

Duration : 30 Days

Country : Nepal

  • Day 1, Sunday, (Volunteer and Travel Program)

    Arrival at Kathmandu International airport and transfer to accommodation settle down

  • Day 2, Monday, (Volunteer and Travel Program)

    Welcome meeting and orientation start. Orientation includes talks & presentations on: • Nepal & its culture • Social development and the role of volunteers • How to do volunteer work • Project activities • Cultural responsibility • Personal safety & Code of Conducts • Introduction to the allotted project. • Nepalese Language Lessons

  • Day 3 , Tuesday, (Volunteer and Travel Program)

    Volunteering project work starts with the daily schedule of volunteering, cultural activities and free time. Afternoon Nepalese language lesson and localmarket visit.

  • Day 4, Wednesday, (Volunteer and Travel Program)

    Volunteering project continues. Afternoon Nepalese language class and free time.

  • Day 5, Thursday, (Volunteer and Travel Program)

    Volunteering project in the morning. Afternoon Nepalese language lesson

    • Day 6, Friday

      Free Weekend. (Volunteer only Program)

      One night, two-day excursion to Pokhara. (Travel Program)

    • Day 7, Saturday

      Free Weekend.(Volunteer only Program)

      Return from the Pokhara Excursion and overnight.(Travel Program)

    • Day 8, Sunday , (Volunteer and Travel Program)

      Volunteering project continues. Afternoon Nepali Cooking demonstration and free time

    • Day 9 , Monday , (Volunteer and Travel Program)

      Volunteering in the morning shift. And late evening Dinner with local family: Visit a local family in the evening forlearning about day to day life in Nepal and have a meal with them.

    • Day 10, Tuesday , (Volunteer and Travel Program)

      Volunteering during the day and a Yoga workshop to try your hands at this ancient practice for personal wellbeing.

    • Day 11, Wednesday , (Volunteer and Travel Program)

      Continue volunteering in the morning and afternoon workshop with henna painting and dressing like locals for a cool photo op.

    • Day 12, Thursday , (Volunteer and Travel Program)

      Continue volunteering in the morning and free time

    • Day 13, Friday

      Free Weekend. (Volunteer only Program)

      Start a weekend excursion to Chitwan National Park (Travel Program)

    • Day 14, Saturday

      Free Weekend. (Volunteer only Program)

      Visit Chitwan National park during the day and return to Kathmandu in the evening.(Travel Program)

    • Day 15, Sunday, (Volunteer and Travel Program)

      Continue the volunteering project. (a departure for 2-week program participants).

    • Day 16 - Day19, Monday to Thursday, (Volunteer and Travel Program)

      Continue volunteering project.

    • Day 20, Friday

      Free Weekend. (Volunteer only Program)

      Start for Sundarijal near Kathmandu for hiking trip with overnight camping. (Travel Program)

    • Day 21, Saturday

      Free Weekend. (Volunteer only Program)

      Return from hike in the morning and transfer back to Kathmandu. (Travel Program)

    • Day 22, Sunday, (Volunteer and Travel Program)

      CContinue volunteering project. ( Departure for 3-week program participants).

    • Day 23 and Day 26, Monday to Thursday, (Volunteer and Travel Program)

      Continue Volunteering project

    • Day 27, Friday

      Free Weekend. (Volunteer only Program)

      Transfer to Nagarkot for historical and nature walking tour of Nagarkot and Bhaktapur. Overnight at Nagarkot. (Travel Program)

    • Day 28, Saturday

      Free Weekend. (Volunteer only Program)

      Morning views of the majestic Himalayas from Nagarkot. Afternoon return to Kathmandu. (Travel Program)

    • Day 29 , Sunday, (Volunteer and Travel Program)

      Departure transfer to Kathmandu Airport for the journey back home.

*Participants can choose to travel on weekends by purchasing excursions additionally.

Typical Daily Schedule

Monday – Saturday
While the schedule of the day depends on the project, overall, it looks a bit like the following:

  • Activities Time
  • Breakfast at accommodation 7:00 - 8:00
  • Project volunteering work 8:00 - 13:00
  • Lunch 13:30 - 14:30
  • Cultural workshops- as per program schedule 15:00 - 16:00
  • Preparation meeting/lesson planning for the next day 16:00 - 17:00
  • Tea/coffee at the accommodation 17:00 - 17:30
  • Dinner at accommodation 19:00 - 20:00

Lunch may be offered a packed lunch or lunch at the project depending on different factors such as distance from accommodation and others. *The scheduled time table mentioned above may change due to the need of the project or any other circumstances.

Available Volunteering projects in Nepal

Teaching and education project

Elderly care project

Childcare with younger children

Orphanage children care

Women empowerment program

Specific conditions for this type of project activitie


Volunteers engaged in teaching activi- ties make a direct and long term contri- bution to the development of students for building their confidence, academic performance and future prospects. You work mostly in pairs as teachers or teaching assistants for one or more of the following kind of activities based on the curriculum and academic plans for the educational facility or project:
The project activities of the volunteers are designed in such a way that there is no need for previous teaching experience to participate in a teaching project. Teaching material, everyday lesson/activity planning and day to day support are provided for making the most impact in your time at the project.


Daily caring for and help with Basic English of children from underprivileged communities is one of the most satisfying and accessible of volunteering activities. The overall purpose of these projects is to provide a higher standard of care to infant's children in different public and privately-run facilities by providing hands-on support on a day to day basis.
Volunteering activities on these projects include one or more of activities similar to the following:

Specific conditions for this type of project activitie

Specific conditions for this type of project activitie


Women empower projects are engaged in a variety of on-going and short term activities that help in building the confidence, self-esteem, and abilities of women to lead a better life. Activities of volunteers may be geared towards teenaged girls or adult women and may include one or more of the following:
In many countries, women are the marginalised section of society and these activities are geared towards more opportunities and better quality of life for them. This leads to not just the women being helped with living a better life but also building better future generations.


Working at orphanages is a very rewarding and yet sometimes an emotional experience. While it is very satisfying to work with underprivileged children, it's when one meets them to realise that they don't have something very fundamental.
There may be an experience of an intense desire to support these kids with the very best that one can so that they may be ready to face challenges of life. And that is what volunteers help the orphaned children go through several activities, one or more than one may be included in your day to day work at the Orphanage home:
While a one-sided view of western media has somewhat put a negative light on supporting orphanages, make no mistake that the work done by legitimate orphanages and volunteers helping them makes a world of difference in the lives of the kids who don't have almost anything to call as their own.

Specific conditions for this type of project activitie

Program Dates

Here are the start dates of the program this year. Please note:

Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


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Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Start Date


End Date




Services Included

  • Cooking workshop to observe and learn Nepalese cuisine and try your hands at it yourself.

  • Visit the home of a local, English-speaking middle-income level family to experience their day to day life, its challenges and opportunities. Have a meal with the family for a truly authentic experience.

  • Have a fun day with henna painting and dressing like locals, a great photo opportunity.

  • One workshop to practice yoga with a professional instructor.

  • Learn Nepalese for fun, use during trips and volunteer work .

  • Project introduction to get you settled at the project.

  • Handover session so you may continue the work from where it was left by previous volunteers.

  • Daily work planning to plan the next day.

  • Daily accompanying staff to help with translation, organising and general support.

  • The material used for volunteering such as pens, papers, workbooks, paint, colours or others.

  • 1 night, 2 day Excursions++ to

  • Chitwan National Park

  • Pokhara

  • Hiking trip with overnight camping in the mountains.

  • Historical and nature walking tour in Nagarkot and Bhaktapur.

  • Entrance fees to monuments and sightseeing as required.

  • Services of English-speaking guides during sightseeing.

  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis.

# Refer to arrival and departure procedure to know pickup window times and departure schedules. + Meal plan during any trips during weekends may be different. Please refer to detailed information about excursions for all details.

Services not Included

Arrival and Departure Procedure

Arriving into and departing from an unfamiliar country can cause stress. Especially if you are visiting the country for the first time. Read these instructions carefully and have them be known to your travel agent because at any scheduled start date we are picking up people arriving from all parts of the world to join the program.
Once we have you on the program, you can just relax because we will pick you up, no matter what time of the day it is. You will also have multiple phone numbers to reach out to, in case your flight is delayed, or you miss the connection altogether. Once you provide us with your flight details, we have you covered.

Arrival Procedure

Please arrive by flights that have their scheduled arrival time from 10 AM on the start date of the pro- gram until 6 AM on the following day ( Day 2) of the program. If the flight is delayed inside a reasonable time, then we will wait for you – else call us, and we will come to pick you up.
Arrival pickups or flights with their scheduled arrival time outside of these hours will be charged extra.
Check in at accommodation is available from 12 noon on Day 1 of the program, even though, we attempt to have you checked in at the accommodation, as early as possible.
Please exit from departure gate and wait outside of exit gate at Cape Town International airport.
Please be advised that you will see a board with the Idex logo instead of your personal name when searching for our airport pickup representative.
Departure transfers outside these times or schedules are available on extra charges.
During departure, check out time from the accommodation is 12 noon on the last day of the program (for ex, Day 15 on a 2-week program).

Departure procedure

Airport transfer on departure is available from 8 PM on the 2nd last day of the program (for ex, Day 14, Day 21, Day 28 in case of 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 4 week programs respectively) until 10 AM on the last day of the program (for ex, Day 15, Day 22, Day 29 in case of 2 week, 3 week or 4 week programs respec- tively).
Departure transfer will be available at gaps of 2 hours, and you will be asked to take the most conven- ient transfer based on your flight's departure time.
Departure transfers outside these times or schedules are available on extra charges.
During departure, check out time from the accommodation is 12 noon on the last day of the program (for ex, Day 15 on a 2-week program).


all the program and services are available as per schedule only. If any deviation or reschedule occurs, and such would cost extra to organise, then it will be charged extra. We are not able to do any settlement or reimbursement against any unused services.

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