Our Promises

We, at Idex, promise three things to our volunteers in our programs.
They are safety, fun and personal growth.


Volunteers will have the safest possible experience through:

  • Airport-to-airport support
  • Clean and safe accommodation
  • 24×7 support
  • Trained staff at locations, project areas and residence
  • Thorough orientation about dos and don’ts of safety and cultural responsibility
  • High safety standards in meals
  • Well organised activities and projects
  • Immediate action if, in case, any unwanted incidence is reported


Our volunteers will have loads of fun by:

  • International mix of participants to work with and make friends from all over the world.
  • “At home” experience in the accommodation
  • Flexible weekend options to explore your destination
  • Wholesome programs with lots of enjoyable experiences
  • Working with welcoming communities and getting loads of affection and memories from them
  • Cultural workshops to learn about your host country
  • Wide and exciting range of activities
  • Opportunities to relax and energize yourself

Personal Growth

Our volunteers will be a better version of themselves as this program:

  • Builds supreme confidence and brings changes to your own life
  • Helps you develop appreciation for other ways of thinking and living
  • Makes you learn new skills and apply your current skills
  • Teaches you about new cultures, languages and habits
  • Generates appreciation for living with lesser resources and still be contented
  • Teaches you to travel on your own within a safety net
  • Develops patience and a sense of satisfaction
  • Increases your social and interpersonal skills
  • Gives you renewed creativity, motivation and vision
  • Helps you make a difference in others’ lives (a very cool thing to do)
  • Develops gratitude for what you already have by working with those who have a lot less
  • Sharpens your problem solving skills