About Women Empowerment Project

In many countries, women are the marginalised section of society and these activities are geared towards more opportunities and better quality of life for them. This leads to not just the women being helped with living a better life but also building better future generations.

Specific conditions for this type of project activitie


Women empower projects are engaged in a variety of on-going and short term activities that help in building the confidence, self- esteem, and abilities of women to lead a better life. Activities of volunteers may be geared towards teenaged girls or adult women and may include one or more of the following:

Features of the Volunteering Trip

After knowing why you should see yourself making a volunteer trip, as compared to any other type of travel, here are some features that make it a safe, immensely enjoyable and memorable experience

Safety features

Your safety and well-being is the top priority when you are travelling to another country. For this, we use our experience since the year 2000 to make it one of the safest forms of travel you can undertake:

Convenience features

A volunteer program needs to be well designed and organised to make sure that even if you are volunteering or visiting the country for the first time, you can focus on enjoying your time there and make the maximum positive impact possible.

Services Included

  • Cooking workshop to observe and learn Indian cuisine and try your hands at it yourself.

  • Visit the home of a local, English-speaking middle-income level family to experience their day to day life, its challeng- es and opportunities. Have a meal with the family for a truly authentic experience.

  • Have a fun day with henna painting and dressing like locals, a great photo opportunity.

  • One workshop to practice yoga with a professional instructor.

  • Learn Bollywood dancing and learn the moves in a workshop in an instructor.

  • Learn Hindi for fun, use during trips and volunteer work.

  • Project introduction to get you settled at the project.

  • Handover session so you may continue the work from where it was left by previous volunteers.

  • Daily work planning to plan the next day.

  • Daily accompanying staff to help with translation, organising and general support.

  • The material used for volunteering such as pens, papers, workbooks, paint, colours or others.

  • 1 night, 2 day Excursions++ to

  • Agra, to see the Taj Mahal

  • Camel safari with overnight camping in the desert, at Pushkar.

  • Udaipur excursion

  • Tiger safari ( or “Blue City” Jodhpur from April to September)

  • Entrance fees to monuments and sightseeing as required.

  • Services of English-speaking guides during sightseeing.

  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis.

# Refer to arrival and departure procedure to know pickup window times and departure schedules. + Meal plan during any trips during weekends may be different. Please refer to detailed information about excursions for all details.

Services not Included

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