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Volunteering in SriLanka – This is an island of exquisite extent, once known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean

One of our major programs is volunteering in Sri Lanka, a destination characterized with striking landscapes, unspoiled beaches, inviting cultural heritage and matchless experiences. If astonishing beaches, rising waves, foggy mountains, mighty elephants, a royal past, lovely tea and warm smiles could define a country, it has to be Sri Lanka. With various cultures breathing next to each other, this tourist destination continues with a string of celebrations throughout the year, a supreme recipe for fun and leisure. Idex offers a variety of volunteering projects in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is an island located near the south-east end of India in South Asia. Despite its fascinating landscape and natural endowment, this country has some social issues arising from the negative effects of past wars, unequal rights for the acquisition of basic education and other living conditions. Also, ethnic conflict exists resulting in the violation and abuses of human rights.

eing a war-torn country, faced with other disasters, it is currently undergoing social issues affecting different categories of people living there thus providing volunteer opportunities in Sri Lanka.A number of children has become victims of various conflicts in the country, and thus need care and support to overcome their psychological problems. These include child abuse in form of sex crimes, violence, abduction and trafficking. The 2004 tsunami affected the basic educational facilities and living condition of children in Sri Lanka, thus, affecting their mental and social well being.

Some of them have become orphans who need assistance to get basic education and basic facilities for living. About 80% of these children live in orphanages. This limits them to some resources, and as a result, makes them vulnerable to various diseases like HIV.

In most cases, about 50% of these children came to orphanage due to poverty, and only 30% of them have access to education. Some are disabled, and not able to do daily activities. All these call for volunteers’ opportunity in Sri Lanka. Most women in Sri Lanka are victims of domestic violence and other unfair practices. These set of people are not given equal right to education and healthy living like their male counterparts. Many women live in abject poverty to the point of fetching water and wood to prepare their food. The level of illiteracy is very high among them because of lack of education. Volunteering in Sri Lanka can help put an end to all these limitations and menaces facing both children and women.

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